This is where I will put most pictures from now on. I'll try to keep related ones together and the most recent at the top.


My followers on Facebook and readers of my Blog know that ichannel recently paid my airfare and two nights hotel so they could interview me as part of a documentary series and/or web page.

I stayed on after and visited friends as well.

Here are some pictures taken in their studio:


And here I am going for a smoke outside the bar in the hotel:

And here are a few pictures with friends (some of whom had never met me in my new life) in Eastern Ontario:




Here are a bunch of more recent pictures - just to prove I'm still here:

Pride 2013:


And the Trans* Pride March

Pride Legacy Lunch

Meeting my cousins:

East Side Pride 2012

Surrey Pride 2012

Coffee on the 'Drive And home with friends, after

Vancouver Pride Parade 2012

Karaoke - a fundraiser for the trans food bank (I did "Man, I Feel Like A Woman")

November 2011

My friend Chris recently visited fron San Francisco.

Here we are at the Havana Restaurant on Commercial Drive:                                                  Here's a picture she took so I had a 'head shot' for various uses:




Just a silly video to show that I can still have a sense of humour about my health problems. (Click on the picture to see the video)

November 9, 2011


Occupy Vancouver:

My friend Wendy and I on the march.


August 29,2011 - I finally bit the bullet and bought a smart phone.

The salesman who set it up inauggerated the camera:

Pride Parade and Festival:

There's a bunch of us at the Festival:

There we are on the March - Right behind Bill Siksay

Here's Gabriella and I holding our place before the rest arrive:

Building Pride:

TAS didn't have a banner in the Dykes' March, so I marched with my Cuba Solidarity friends:

(for the video I did abot being in Cuba, click here)

Trans Pride BBQ:


My friend Natasha and I at the filming of the CTV advertisement for Vancouver Pride. Click to see the video on CTV or Facebook


Me, Kat, Andrew and Kelly at the TAS booth at Eastside Pride:



CUPW Locked out

Naturally, I took the opportunity to act on a long held ambition , to walk around the Post Office wearing a picket sign - and heels.

May 26, 2011

At the BC legislature for the reading of the 'Bill to Amend the BC Human Rights Code' - And a drink at The Empress after.

First time in a 'float plane' (flying to Victoria):


Mayday 2011

Sorry about the quality - it's a 'frame grab' from a video.