Some of my favourite Links:

Remember this site is "under construction". This short list is just a placeholder for a much longer list in the future.


The Trans Health Program - the place to start if you are trans and live in BC

Susan's Place Transgender Resources is a support resource for the transgender community which provides information of use to transsexuals, crossdressers, and their familes. Resources available include Chat, Links, Reference Library, Site Reviews, Forums, GRS surgeon reviews, Wiki, and much more.






See how your Member of Parliament voted on Human Rights for Trans people


The Cornbury Society - of special interest to Cross Dressers - but others, as well

Trans Alliance Society - Activism and advocasy for trans people

National Center for Transgender Equality Home

Alberta Trans - A geat resource, especially for our neighbours to the east

Transgender London(Ont.) - still further east!

One of my old Blogs: