Who is Marie?

Remember things here are mostly just 'placeholders' for things to come!

I am a Non operative, Male to Female transgendered person on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I was born in 1950. I have been living full time as a female for the last few years and expect to continue to do so. I am 'heterosexual' vis a vis my birth sex. So I have NO interest in sexual or romantic encounters with men.


Year of Birth: 1950
Sex asigned at birth: Male
Anatomical Sex: Male
Gender Identification: Feminine
Occupation: Retired
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lb.

Just a few bad pictures for those who haven't seen me for a while.

Post Surgery:

The first order of business was a visit to my hair stylist (Allie at Bangtown)!

Well, the Tras Day of Remembrance, the BC Federation of Labour Convention and the TAS Annual Holiday Dinner have all come and gone!


My friend Deb and I at TDoR (Note the Russian fur hat - bought in Moscow so long ago); Staffing the CUPW info table at the BC Fed; On Santa's knee at the TAS Holiday Party.


On the way to a restaurant on the 'Drive and On the Mayday march and at home in October (all 2010).